How much do hvac filters cost?

While many homeowners opt for high-end models because of the overall savings potential, there is also less maintenance involved. No matter where you live, you'll want to change the filter every month if you operate your unit for six months or more a year. Cleaning and dusting helps a lot, as does the HVAC filter, which traps dander when it circulates in the air. The air filter of an HVAC system (also known as an oven filter) plays a primary function as a protector of the system's fan motor.

After an air cleaner becomes dirty, the resulting blockage that causes complications with the system's airflow. In addition, over time, it is an important measure to maintaining an efficient HVAC system and reliable heating and cooling operations. For good air quality all year round, HVAC experts recommend pleated electrostatic filters for your oven. Superior disposable filters for residential HVAC systems offer greater efficiency, up to a MERV rating of 12. The air cleaner works to keep the blower motor clean by removing airborne contaminants that pass through the system.

Air filters are essential parts of an air system and keep your home smelling fresh, clean and safe to breathe. With electrostatic filters, air passing through the filter passes through several layers of filter media, usually woven polypropylene, that have an electrostatic charge. In comparison, washable filters are a more environmentally friendly option because they can be reused over and over again for an average of 5 to 10 years. There are many different air filter replacements available for purchase, through HVAC contractors or at your local hardware store.

By creating a cleaner engine and blower compartment, air filters also create cleaner indoor air by removing contaminants. Keep your air clean and your costs low with an air filter supplier that works to bring you quality deals. The MERV rating of the premium filter makes it ideal for parents and pet owners, especially in areas with high levels of allergens or contamination. Both filters fit budget needs and, at the same time, have MERV values that provide adequate protection for your home.

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