When Should You Replace Your Home Air Filters?

The only way to know how often you need to change your air filter is to inspect it every month. After a few months, you'll get an idea of how quickly it gets dirty. You may need to reassess if you have a new pet or if the outdoor air quality has been poor. Generally, pleated air filters (such as those manufactured by FilterBuy) should be replaced every 90 days.

As the filter traps more dirt, dust and allergens from the air, its efficiency decreases. An HVAC filter will usually last one to three months on average. It's important to keep track of the date you installed them, as waiting too long to change the filter can reduce indoor air quality. If you don't want to throw out the air filter every two weeks, consider investing in a washable air filter.

Allowing dandruff, dust, and other contaminants to build up in your air filter and reach your home can be harmful. You may also need to replace the filter more often if someone in your household smokes, or if you have furniture or cleaning products that release volatile organic compounds. When purchasing an air filter, make sure you get the right size for your home. Homeowners may forget to change HVAC filters for months, which can cause dust, debris, and allergens to build up.

If your dirty air filter is completely covered with dust and dirt, it's a good idea to change the filter even if it hasn't reached the end of its recommended life. Estimating how often an air filter should be changed can be difficult because of the many different variables at play. If the filter doesn't work properly, it can have adverse health effects and cause respiratory problems, especially for those with pre-existing illnesses. Air filters should be changed regularly in your home to keep the system running smoothly and maintain optimal air quality.

MERV 9-12 filters are perfect for people with allergies; however, they can negatively reflect your electricity bill. To ensure that only clean air comes out of your HVAC system, replace the air filter before it becomes clogged so that you can breathe better.

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